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Scenic Caves Nature Adventures strives to provide a safe and unique recreational experience for people of all ages.

Through qualified, interested and dedicated staff, we make every effort to exceed our visitors’ expectations. Our attraction is committed to preserving the natural, environmental, and historical significance of an important site on the Niagara Escarpment.

At Scenic Caves Nature Adventures, we offer our visitors a unique opportunity to experience our natural wonders through education, environment and leisure .


The cliffs and the caves form

450 million years B.C. (the Ordovician era): The Michigan Sea teems with ancient life. Over time, the shells of tiny creatures settle to the bottom, joining sediment brought by rivers, and forming layers of sand, clay and calcium carbonate.

Over millions of years, pressure, heat and chemical reactions turn the sedimentary layers to stone. Sand becomes sandstone. Clay becomes shale. Calcium carbonate becomes limestone.

250 million years B.C.: The Sea retreats and the Escarpment begins its slow rise from the Earth. A layer of hard dolostone tops softer layers of limestone, shale and sandstone. Over millions of years, the softer lower layers eroded, while the tough upper layer resists, protecting the layer below it.

Over time, glacial ice, weathering and ancient waves shape the caves and sculpt rocky outcrops along the towering cliffs.

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