Italian recipe



Six portions



Flour 250 gr

Eggs 3

Olive Oil 3 tbsp + more to fry  (at least 2 inches of oil in pan)

Vanillina (pane degli Angali 3 pkgs)  this ingredient can be purchased at an Italian grocery store

Lievito Bertolini ½ pkg  this ingredient full pkg can be purchased at an Italian grocery store

Sugar 75 gr

Zest of 1 lemon

2 ounces of Strega Liquor (or any liquor according to taste)



Wisk eggs and sugar until well incorporated (again an electric mixer, low speed can be used)

Add lemon zest, vanillina, oil, flour, and liquor, add the lievito bertolini last

The mixture must be soft enough.  Once it is ready add the oil to the medium frying pan with a lip straight up, (or high edges)

This recipe calls for a quenelle type ball using two spoons

Heat the oil and add the castagnole when the oil is hot enough.  Test one ball before continuing.  Don’t over crowd the pan when cooking.

Finish frying the mixture, they are ready when a golden brown colour.  Drain the castagnole on paper towels.  Serve them hot.