Italian recipe



4 portions



Flour 600 gr

Dry cannelloni beans 300 gr

Olive oil



Hot pepper  (to taste)





Mix the flour with enough water to obtain a very hard mixture

Work it energetically incorporating if necessary more flour

Roll the mixture with a rolling pin until you get a sfoglia or a thin round rolled dough

Let the mixture dry out, then add some flour on the surface of the pasta and roll it like a cannoli

With a sharp knife cut the sfoglia with a transversale cut to obtain the maltagliati like a regular rhomboid results. Then let them open up by letting them jump in between your fingers.

To make it easy for you, (you can buy already made fresh pasta used for manicotti or you can use the dry pasta called maltagliati)

Boil the maltagliati in a lot of salted water.  Fish the pasta out of the pot as they come to the surface of the boiling water, drain not too much.

Flavour the cannellini, (beans) that you have previously boiled with a good salsa made with a soffritto of fried onions, garlic, celery and tomato sauce, and hot pepper to taste.

Add all to the pasta and serve in a terracotta dish.